Qubes OS A reasonably secure operating system

What the experts are saying

What's going on inside of Qubes

Security that Works

Qubes brings to your personal computer the security of the Xen Project hypervisor - the same software relied on by major hosting providers to isolate websites and services from each other. If it breaks, so goes the global digital economy. Learn more

Use the OS & Apps You Like

Can't decide which Linux distribution you prefer? Still need that one Windows program for work? With Qubes you don't need to pick a favorite or compromise. Learn more

Get serious with privacy

With Whonix integrated into Qubes, you can easily route network traffic through the Tor anonymity network. Learn more

Certified Laptops

Qubes-certified laptops are laptops that have been tested by the Qubes developers to ensure compatibility with all of Qubes' feature.

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